Are you suffering from anxiety? Are you suspicious or even certain that anxiety is affecting your performance as a functional body in society? Take our test and see where you rank on the TOPICS anxiety chart. Once you establish your level of anxiety, creative measures can be implemented to assist and remedy your anxiety levels. Please answer the following questions by checking either "yes" or "no". If you have experienced any of the scenarios/symptoms listed below more than once in the last half year, we ask that you check the "yes" box.


TOPICS Anxiety Test

Yes No 1. Do you wake up in the morning and immediately fixate on obligations that you loath and fear?
Yes No 2. Do you sweat profusely?
Yes No 3. Do you habitually self-medicate with drugs (alcohol included) to escape anxiety?
Yes No 4. Do you have a tendency to isolate?
Yes No 5. Are you overly self-conscious?
Yes No 6. Do you suffer from insomnia or other sleeping problems?
Yes No 7. Are you clenching your jaw right now? Are your shoulders finding their way up toward your neck? Do you feel tense?
Yes No 8. Do you find yourself worrying to excess?
Yes No 9. Do smoke cigarettes and drink a lot of coffee?
Yes No 10. Does being in public give you heart palpitations?
Yes No 11. Are you a perfectionist?
Yes No 12. Do you suffer from abdominal discomfort?
Yes No 13. Do you engage in compulsive behaviours brought on by the presence of obsessive thoughts?
Yes No 14. Are you often afraid that something bad is going to happen to you or someone you love?
Yes No 15. Has a friend and/or loved one recently expressed concern for your wellbeing?
Yes No 16. Do you find yourself constantly questioning your actions and behaviours?
Yes No 17. Do you have an increasingly low sex-drive?
Yes No 18. Do you suffer from ‘worst case scenario’ syndrome?
Yes No 19. Do you have core issues or traumas that you are hesitant to share with another person?
Yes No 20. Do you find yourself asking, "Am I dying?"
Yes No 21. Are you an "artsy type"?